The spa town of Poděbrady

In the place of today's town, settlement has been found from the time of the young Palaeolithic. King Přemysl Otakar II. Here in the years 1262-1268 built a stone castle, gradually rebuilt in today's castle. The great flourishing of the domain occurred under the masters of Kunštát. The most famous representative of this genus was the Czech King George of Poděbrady. His sons Podebrady in 1472 promoted to the city. In the years 1495-1839, the Poděbrady estate was administered by the Royal House, then bought by Viennese banker Jiří Sina. In 1905 a mineral spring was found in the courtyard of the castle, and in the following decades the town became a well-known spa specializing mainly in the treatment of heart disease and circulatory system. The local urban conservation area, proclaimed in 1992 [2], protects both the historic core of the city and the adjacent spa district. Poděbrady is known to visitors primarily as a quiet spa town with many monuments.

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