Wellness center

Let yourself be pampered in the wellness area of Pension Alfa, in an oasis of peace and tranquility. Throughout the year, Hydrojet massage lounger and Shiatsu massage chair are available. Or you can try a favorite treatment that helps regenerate the body and soul - the bubble bath with additives and chromotherapy (colored light treatment). We provide also various types of massages and wraps. All spa treatments will definitely make your stay in Podebrady more pleasant.  

The max. capacity of each wellness room is 2 persons. Wellness services are always provided only privately (at the same time only 2 persons travelling together).  


Hydrojet massage lounger

Hydrojet is a massage lounger which can be found in many spa and wellness centers. Massage table reduces muscle tension, increases circulation, reduces the level of toxins in the muscles, has a positive effect on the circulatory system, and much more!

Max. capacity 110 Kg!

Shiatsu massage chair

Shiatsu is an ancient Japanese healing method and means "finger pressure". This technique relaxes the whole body, helping to heal and creates a state of physical and mental wellbeing. Shiatsu Massage Chair offers a deep relaxation, reduce stress and fatigue, improved circulation of blood and lymph fluids and much more.

Max. capacity 110 Kg!

Bubble bath with additives

Bubble bath is an excellent regeneration treatment, which brings a pleasant relaxation, stress releaf and skin regeneration, releases muscle tension, improves blood circulation and enhances metabolism. You can choose from a variety of ingredients to your bath for an even more intense relaxing experience.

Bathing is done in a seated bath where nozzles are differently arranged. They allow relaxation of the muscles and joints of the lower limbs. What these baths are good for:

  • Chronic joint problems and spinal pain syndromes
  • Post-traumatic conditions and chronic venous problems
  • Spastic and bland polio
  • Regeneration after excessive load
  • Headaches and insomnia
  • Neuroses and chronic constipation
  • Swelling and lymphatic problems, and many other diseases


Clients can also enjoy classic massages of either head and face or back, directly in the wellness center of guest house Alfa. 

Paraffin hand wrap

Thermo peat pack of back

Leg peeling (thighs) with wrap,.. and other services


The services must be booked before arrival on e-mail address penzionalfa@email.cz.

In case of the cancellation upon arrival or during the stay, the charge of 50% must be paid.

Holiday packages